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The Beast in Heat (SS Hell Camp)

by on Sep.08, 2010, under Daily Review

Back in the day, this VHS would have been sold for close to £400 due to the DPP list inclusion, but also the small number of copies which actually got released. Back in ‘83, there where many small independent video companies who would buy up any old crap from Europe, package it up with a crazy box and rent them out to the unknowing UK public. JVI released SS Hell Camp, as ‘The Beast in Heat’.

This is a Nazi exploitation film. A senior officer, Captain Hardinghauser and a deadly dangerous scientist, Ellen Kratsch (Macha Magall) are involved in the genetic creation of a man beast, (Played by Salvatore Baccaro who needs no make up to make him look beastlike, a monstrous looking bloke) a crazy monster who craves the local villagers. The Nazi’s feed the beast’s ferocious sexual appetite with women from the village, meanwhile, the Resistance have other ideas to quash to Nazi scum. The film has all sorts of nudity and torture but it’s all a bit crap really. The acting in poor, most of the atrocities are off screen and whilst the rest of the plot feels like a poor Italian war movie, the consistency across the 90mins is all over the place including loads of stock footage of tanks moving into position. The film actually feels like two different movies edited together with this footage. The Resistance side of the film is actually quite good.

Magall seems to be the only actor in the film with any kind of real acting ability but her scenes are so ridiculous it’s actually hard to watch. She tortures young POWs by kissing their chests and rubbing her body over theirs. ‘No!’ they cry. Another scene has her walking around a large room inspecting all sorts of torturous crimes all at the same time, a woman getting her privates electrocuted, another with a metal bucket on her abdomen with the top on fire, the Beast in his cage going nuts with a victim, ripping off her short n curlies and eating them like candyfloss and the worst of all, a close up of fingernails being pulled out. Non of this is nice viewing.

The film all seems a bit pointless and mainly an excuse for some extreme torture but manages to make the Nazi’s just look ridiculous rather than the dangerous military threat which they were.  

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