L ‘Ossessa (Sexorcist)

by on Aug.26, 2010, under Daily Review

This is by far the finest film of the week so far, thrilling and outrageous in it’s crazy blasphemous approach. It’s offensive yet beautiful in style and content.

Danila ‘Stella Carnacina’ becomes obsessed with an ancient statue of Christ on a cross, whom her friend is delicately repairing in their joint artists studio. After she witnesses her mother engage in some extreme fondling with a fancy man, being whipped with roses at a swingers party, she returns to her workshop only to find her mind drifting to a romantic scenario as Christ climbs from his cross. From this point on, Danila’s mind is not in the right place. Mood swings and self obsession are the order of the day, even to the point of trying to seduce her own father after he asks, ‘are you ok?’ as she is writhing all over a bed. The feuding parents seek medical help, only to be advised, ‘give her a warm glass of milk’, before they seek religious support in the form of an exorcism.

This is a great film, really good stuff. It’s shot so well with stunning acting. Stella Carnacina is a real superstar and here shows bloody amazing potential with a difficult and challenging role, she carries herself and makes the film stand out from the rest of the Exorcist style flicks. The script is a bit witty in places, but as a whole it’s an enjoyable 90 mins.


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