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by on Aug.14, 2010, under Daily Review

After the previous mess that New Line produced in the Friday 13th series, I wasn’t expecting much from this. Jason in space? Really? But, I’ve got to hand it to them, they have certainly changed the direction of this whole franchise, for better or worse, it’s got a new home here. I doubt they’ll be knocking out any more along these lines, but this one is quite a novelty and certainly has the heart in the right place.

Jason (Kane Hodder) is being held in a high security prison, only to break free causing a minor massacre. One of the guards, Rowan (Lexa Doig) does battle with our man, but ends up locked in a deep freeze unit. Both frozen, they are later (much later) found by a team of students. It’s the 25th century and Jason can hack up those teens just like the old days. Aboard a space craft heading for their new planet, Jason goes on a rampage.

This is not exactly in fitting with the Friday 13th series but it’s not far off. So he’s dropped into space, it doesn’t really matter as all we have is Jason killing teens. The space stuff all looks like Next Gen with a higher budget. The acting is good, with a fresh young cast and it’s very easy to watch if you like this kinda thing. I’m still concerned though as to the grave which this film is treading on as this is galaxies away from where it all started. It’s a different film, very different but as I say, Jason will hack ‘em up wherever he is.

Interesting stuff. I like it quite a bit, but what made it even better for me was the small bonus of David Cronenberg taking on a little acting role; he always brings a little extra to a film when he has a walk on.

A final note on the whole series. I was expecting more from Jason. I always had this idea that he could take Mike Myers down on a one to one, but after watching the last 10 films, Myers is the man for me, especially the reimagined Myers. The Friday 13th series doesn’t take itself too serious which is good in some ways, but realistically, when a viewer wants some good gore from a stalk n slash, the first stop should be Friday 13th; or so i thought. Wrong and this is a big error on my account. That’s not to say it’s all bad. Some of the films i’ve enjoyed a lot and Jason with his mask truly is a horror legend.


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  • Deggsy

    There were a few nice touches to this one, in particular the android and the hologram sequence spoofing the conventions of the genre. But the rest had such a tired, cheap feel to it all, including the sets and writing. The 25th Cedntury people act as cliched and stupid as their 20th Century counterparts, and the spaceship might as well be a factory or sailing ship or any other terrestrial environment.
    AS much as I wanted to really enjoy this one, it simply proved that, like Leprechaun and Hellraiser before it, moving a horror icon into space signals the death of a franchise. However, unlike the others Jason did redeem himself with his subsequent clash with Freddy.

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