Help me… I’m Possessed

by on Aug.28, 2010, under Daily Review

I’m getting into the realms of bad cinema here, never have I sank so low, but why do I feel so good watching this trash?

A crazy scientist (Bill Greer) out in the Californian desert leads the way to the creation of pure evil in the form of a demon type beast which manifests as red dangling ribbons. His lab is a comical dungeon reminiscent of Hannibal’s cell in Silence of the Lambs. (I can’t believe I’m mentioning SOL in this review of this crappy film). The dungeon is home to a number of cells with loony crazy folk who are tortured by a henchman; one great scene has him cut off the legs of a beautiful babe in order to fit her into a box. The scientist also has a deranged sister (Lynne Marta) whom seems to be his inspiration, whilst his wife (Deedy Peters) is oblivious to his dastardly deeds.

The film really is a guilty pleasure. It’s bloody awful, but strangely enjoyable on a level which questions the enjoyment the team must have gotten out of making this film. Lynne Marta has a great look about her, I’ve no idea what she was thinking making this film, a regular in US TV at the time, Charlie’s Angels, Chips, Vega$ etc. I also enjoyed Greer’s poor acting too.


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