Friday 13th part 8 : Jason Takes Manhattan

by on Aug.12, 2010, under Daily Review

There’s no real messing about with this one. The film starts, Jason is alive and well, happily taking out kids in tents. For some unknown reason, he is distracted by a boat which is due to cruise from his lake, down state to the Big Apple. Whilst spending time on the liner which is holding a celebratory graduation party, Jason spends his cruise doing what he enjoys. A few survive and escape in a small boat, but Jason follows, swimming I guess, eventually arriving at the port of New York. So Jason spends his time taking out stereotypical hoods on the street. Maybe this was Guiliani’s inspiration.

The film is very hit and miss. There are some great deaths and some good bits of acting and it’s easy to see why they wanted to take Jason out of the woods and into the big city as its symbolic images are great, but the stereotypes are just too much, too cliché. It’s also a bit ridiculous once we get into Time Square and he’s only focused on the two final kids left. A tube ride and a fight in a diner, then into the sewers, resulting in the worst make up effect ever which looked just like a muppet.

To finish it off, the stupid ending with a transformation back to childhood Jason. Really poor ending. It’s a shame as this one started off good, not great but good, but finished terribly.


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  • Deggsy

    Excellent review, Geoff, pretty much summed up what I’d felt about this one. I saw this in the theatre when it first came out, had high hopes for it, but had them dashed fairly quickly (Jason didn’t even get to New York until the last twenty minutes of the movie!). And since when did Crystal Lake, which I assumed to be somewhere deep in New York State or New Jersey, suddenly have access to the ocean? Access enough to let a small ocean liner in and out?

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