Friday 13th part 7 : The New Blood

by on Aug.11, 2010, under Daily Review

Ouch, this one really sucks. It’s so unfair to build up all my hopes and dreams after the fantastic Jason Lives, only to be totally let down with this rubbish. Why was this financed and who actually thought this script would make a good film?

We get this ridiculous plot with a young girl who kills her father with telekinetic powers as she sits in a boat right above the watery tomb of Jason. Some years later, she returns to Crystal lake with her shrink and her mother in order to try out some shrinky techniques to help her get over it. Her uncontrollable powers release the chains of Jason, who in turn goes on another rampage, just what he does best. More gore, more carnage and lots of broken windows.

The film is bad. It’s choppy editing wise, no real characters and none that you can actually care about. In fact, the only person the viewer does care about is Jason, cheering him on as he rips through his victims. The lead actress who plays Tina (Lat Park-Lincoln) is poor, lame and annoying, but the whole plot of mind power involved in the whole Jason thing is just a step too far. It just introduces a new genre to the film which really doesn’t work. It’s just a crappy plot. To make things worse, the film looks super dated. Clothes look crazy 80’s which is strange after the last film looked much fresher than the rest. This one is a backward step.

One point to note though is this is the introduction of Kane Hodder as Jason. For this reason alone it’s worth watching the film. He’s a great Jason and carries the mask well. There are a few good murders too, my favourite being death by being swung around in a sleeping bag, which I seem to remember being re-used in the remake.


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  • Jason

    Wow. Geoff. I have NO clue which movie you were watching but it was Definately NOT Friday the 13th part 7, Maybe you were watching Jason Goes to Hell, Cause than that would make sense.
    “After the Fantastic Jason Lives you were let down by this Rubbish” Fist off Jason lives was okay! Nothing too special there, just a modern re-telling of the Frankenstien story. as of this year I am 33 years old and The New Blood is BY FAR my favorite of the series, Not “The Best” But my favorite. The story and script are great the acting is Above decent for a Seventh installment in a series, The Special effects, Directing, Atmosphere, look of the film, music, look of jason and actor who played Jason are the best of the entire Friday the 13th franchise.
    After seeing complete pieces of trash with ZERO redeeming value like Jason goes to hell, Jason X, And Jason VS Freddy, You ask why anyone would think this would make a good film ??? You must be high, Part 7 is the last “Great” entry in the series and the last “Real” Friday the 13th film.
    So in closing maybe you should go and review movies that you think are great like the Saw series and Hostel 1 and 2. You probably listen to Nickleback as well!

  • Geoff

    Thanks for the comment. The best thing about horror is that we all have our favourite guilty pleasures. Each to their own. Killer Kane is brilliant in this one and the films real selling point.

    The idea for this project was to watch a huge bunch of films to catch up on old, new, revisit and find something fresh: It was never about watching films that I think are great. But man, that Nickleback insult is just cruel!

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