Friday 13th part 5 : A New Beginning

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Daily Review

This is poor. I knew before I watched the film that it was gonna be poor but I guess that’s the business I’m in here with this project. Some good, some bad, some dreadful. I wouldn’t drop this film in the dreadful pile.

We get an interesting opening scene of Corey Feldman watching from behind some bushes, the cartoon style grave of Jason. Some crazy jocks take a spade and dig up the corpse, buried in his hockey mask, he wakes up and does ’em all in. This is a crazy beginning, but it’s only a dream and a damn sight better than the next 80mins. Tommy (John Shepherd) wakes up. He’s still damaged in the mind from the effects of the last film, but they are moving him to a remote country counseling centre for the mentally challenged. He still has a collection of masks which he makes as a hobby, a hockey mask lurks at the bottom of a bag. There’s a crazy moment with one of the blokes chopping wood, getting moaned at by a fat guy, he snaps and the axe hits home. After this, Tommy is seeing Jason everywhere, but who’s the real killer? Jason? Tommy?

This is a realistic follow up the part 4 with Jason dead yet Tommy poisoned and damaged. It should have been good but the cast are rubbish, direction is dreadful and the script is real trash. There is just no real support from the producers and that’s the failing point of this type of franchise. No real funding calls for second rate all round. It’s the fans that suffer.


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