Friday 13th part 2

by on Aug.06, 2010, under Daily Review

This is really the beginning of the series as we know it and the true birth of Jason as the killing machine that we pay our bucks to, watching him slash up anyone and everyone with little in the way of reason. In the first film we saw his crazy mother out for revenge with a slight emphasis of Jason haunting Crystal Lake. Here, Jason lives and he’ll do anyone, mainly choosing summer loving teens. Weapon choice is a host of garden tools. Classy.

The film starts with a bit of a recap to get everyone up to speed, but soon jumps into the action in no time, Steve Miner (Director, later to shoot Day of Dead remake, Warlock, H2o and the 3rd 13th flick) gets us right into the action introducing Jason as the killing machine. There’s no mystery here, just ‘who’s he gonna kill next’. It’s great. No real motive either which kinda makes Jason unlike the rest of our horror legends.

Some real highlights. Jason with the old sack over the head, no hockey mask yet. A cool moment with survivor Ginny (Amy Steel, a much better lead role than the first film) pretending to be Jason’s mother. (this should never work) A great machete to the face of a bloke in a wheel chair and a frame for frame recreation of the spear through the lovers from Bay of Blood. Also, great use of chainsaw too!

This is great, as most of the original team jumped ship to work on the Burning, annoyed that a real life Jason kinda goes against the grain of the first.  I take this film for what it is and what it inspired. This is really the first in the series.


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