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Paul Naschy plays a priest who investigates the strange behaviours of a young girl who has gone off the rails, whom he discovers is possess by her dead father. It’s a shameless Exorcist homage, to be kind, but it’s got a real nice feel about it. Naschy is a god when it comes to Spanish horror cinema and here, in this role he’s amazing, looking perfect in his vicars robes. For the most party, his presence alone carries the film, but the girl possessed, ‘Leila’ (The delightful Maria Perschy who actually looks more atractive in her possessed state) is also outstanding.

This is eurotrash at its finest. Nudity, possession, gore and blasphemy. It’s got a crazy art house feel about it too with director Juan Bosch focusing more on the feel and look rather than his poor actors who try their hardest to make this film a masterpiece. Bosch is a veteran of quality Spanish flair with titles ‘And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave’, ‘The Killer Wore Gloves’ and ‘The Killer With 1000 Eyes’ to his name.

Exorcismo put a smile on my face and entertained me for the duration. It’s good to clock up a few films like this in a week of ambitious Exorcist remakes, this one is just along for the ride. Good gore too, really liked the possessed make-up effects.

A final word to mention the beautiful Triumph Spitfire. They just don’t make cars like that these days.

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