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Magdalena (Beyond the Darkness)

by on Aug.22, 2010, under Daily Review

A young woman becomes possessed by the Devil and goes crazy at boarding school. Great plot. Simple and to the point. There are some other little things going on too, the death of her Grandfather who was involved with a house of ill repute, but this isn’t really explained too well, with director Walter Boos focussing more on the charms of Dagmar Hedrich as the delightfully possessed Magdalene.

This is such an odd film; don’t write it off as a European exploitation Exorcist rip off as it’s a bit more than that. The film is gripping and great to watch, but there is some real magic in the cinematography, something I’ve never seen before with frame speed, speeding up in places to make a few naked cat fights look a bit odder. There are some moments with Magdalene jumping and falling etc which are just very strange, I’m not sure if this was created with reverse film or speeded up, but the effect is just so weird which really has a good impact on the scenes, a real good possessed technique. There is a shocking demon rape scene late on in the film which is very graphic and not for the faint hearted. 

There are some gruesome moments too, the opening sequence is truly shocking, with the old bloke strung up against the door. Great framing too in this scene. The acting is pretty average, but Hedrich certainly has some charm which adds to the films watchability. Some graphic scenes splashed throughout as you’d expect from this style of film, and a bit of blasphemous bad language and bingo, you have a fine euro possession.

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