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Week 43

by on Aug.21, 2010, under 365 Schedule

Continuing Exorcism week. Some great looking films:-

  • Magdalena
  • Cries and Shadows
  • The Antichrist
  • Malabimba
  • L’Ossessa
  • Exorcismo
  • Help me, I’m Possessed
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The Beast Within

by on Aug.21, 2010, under Daily Review

This is a confused film to say the least. I wouldn’t be surprised to be told the production company had trouble with finance or conflict of interests with directors as it actually looks and feels like 5 films rolled into one. Damn shame as it starts out stunning.

A could break down in their car out in the wooded swamp lands. The Husband (Ronny Cox) heads for help, leaving the missus in the car. She’s brutally attacked by a strange man-beast and as a result, bares its child.  17 years later, the kid is begins to suffer with pineal gland issues which could cause death. (If not his own, probably every one else’s). The parents decide to track down the biological father. The kid is soon possessed by a strange entity which takes over his mind and actions and leads us to a devastating over the top ridiculous make up effect.

Philippe Mora directed this. At first, you can see he’s aiming for a Howling type look and feel, Even casting Bibi Besch as the rape victim who strongly resembles Dee Wallace. The film tries several routes all attempting Lovecraftian ties, but it just ends up looking and feeling like a huge mess. Paul Clemens is a poor choice for the lead role too, as the son possessed by his supernatural beast father. Parts look like a great film whilst others could be a TV drama. Shame really as this one had a bit of potential.  

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