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Within the Woods

by on Aug.19, 2010, under Daily Review

Back in 1978 a group of friends had a dream of making movies. Rip Tapert, Bruce Campbell, Scott Spiegel and Sam Raimi. This is the beginning of something magical which changed cinema for me and thousands of other horror fans. Their collaborative dream created one of the most original and incredible horror films ever made, even today standing up against some of the greats, The Evil Dead was made for peanuts and changed the genre forever, but here we have what came before. Within the Woods is the grounding for the Evil Dead. The bare bones of dedication and enthusiasm, which was used as leverage to gain some small financial support from local rich businessmen. It’s easy to see why they made that investment.

A group of friends head out into the woods to stay in a small remote log cabin for the weekend. Bruce (Campbell) tells Ellen (Sandweiss) of local folk lore of the burial site of an Indian tribe and for the terror which will bestow those who trouble the graves. During a picnic in the woods, Bruce disturbs such a grave by mistake which in turn causes a turn of events which will change (or should I say end) their lives.

I feel like I’m watching the a film incarnation of the Holy Grail here. I’ve read about this film since I was 15 years old and now 23 years later I’ve finally watching this amazing film. It is truly mesmerising cinema, captivating with every scene. I was gripped from the off and glued for the entire film. The acting is outstanding, script is great and camerawork is so ‘out there’, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before, apart from Evil Dead,  even though it’s style has been ripped off over the years, no-one captures this kind of style and magic.

It’s absolutely terrifying too with an amazing mix of suspense and realistic harsh gore which is something I wasn’t really expecting as it’s budget was zilch. Another thing which stands out here is the sound effect which are the signature of Evil Dead; the same is used here. Haunting spooky sounds, Possessed Bruce barking ‘Join us!’ is ridiculously effecting and horrific.

It’s amazing that so many young film makers want to make a great film but actually have no real style or creativity. Here we have this in abundance and it’s so inspiring that a masterpiece, although very rough around the edges, can be achieved without a budget, with dedication and a dream.

This is something else and has been one of the finest moments of the project so far. I urge you all to check this out.

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