by on Aug.04, 2010, under Daily Review

The basic idea here is the same as a million other slasher in the woods style flicks. Some girls head off onto the great wild countryside of Canada to get away from the broken relationship of one of the girls, only to find it’s not gonna be a week of fun and games and girly bonding, but a game of cat n mouse, survival of the fittest.

It’s a well made film, looks good, a decent cast with good performances all round. The effects are really impressive too, all very gory and gruesome. The big problem here though is that the plot is really obvious and the characters are flat which leaves us little emotional tie in to the depravity and horror which comes the girls way. Obviously, I’m not in support of the bad guy, but you need a little bit of connection really to keep you rooting for survival. Here, I couldn’t really care less. Hurry up and die, or escape and stop making stupid decisions.

The film does not stand up alongside the likes of The Decent, Vertige, even Wrong Turn, films which all follow a similar plot but achieve greatness by breaking through the simple plot with super originality. Break fails to achieve this. A shame as technically it’s a success and with such good and dedicated work, should have spent more time working on a scortcha of a plot with a crazy twist. Wasted opportunity.


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