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Summer Scars

by on Aug.18, 2010, under Daily Review

This was included at the last minute and how glad am I that I took this route? It’s great when you grab a film not knowing much about it and it turns out to be a real little gem. Right here with Summer Scars, we have such a gem.

The film focus’s on a group of kids living on a council estate in Wales. Bingo, Mugsy, Ben, Jonesy, Paul and Leanne. They make their own fun playing out in the nearby woods away from the grey concrete; it’s escapism at its most natural. But within the woods, dark things can be found. Peter is a rough looking bloke who finds the kids and bonds instantly, becoming one of the gang for the day, but his actions soon turn as the unbalanced mind of a disturbed bloke threatens the fun.

This is where it turns dark and sinister, brutal shocking and sickening. Some scenes hit you in the pit of your stomach; others turn the hairs on the back of your neck. This, I was not expecting. A super young cast with a great script and a simple plot, paired against the acting ability of Kevin Howarth (Peter). This is good stuff here and something for all concerned to be proud of, balancing social issues with friendship, adolescence, love, hate, revenge and murder. Simple enough with pure heart and loads of atmosphere which takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. Peter is a nasty piece of work and great to see a villain of this style, the kind of bloke your parents warn you about when you are a kid.

Julian Richards, director has created a stunning film with outstanding performances from a very young cast. Powerful and brutal stuff with a real heart.

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