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Trip with the Teacher

by on Aug.16, 2010, under Daily Review

On a field trip out to the Californian desert, a teacher faces the challenge of protecting her class of girls from crazy bikers after their school bus breaks down. What results is a torrent of abuse and violence with only one way out.

This film is nuts. I can’t believe I’ve never seen it, never even heard of it. It’s shot rock solid allowing the performances to take centre stage here which results in a kinda theatrical feel, although super harsh and graphic. This would make a stunning play.

This is top quality 70’s sleeze, seldom discovered at this kind of level. The cators cary the simple plot and keep the viewer mesmerised throughout the scenario of dominance. Zalman King, last seen in Blue Sunshine, here is outstanding in a role which stands up against David Hess’ Last House & Edge of the Park  performances. Stunning and captivating. Brenda Fogarty is great as the teacher, Susan Russell, Cathy Worthington, Jill Voight and Dina Ousley are the girls on the trip.

This was Earl Barton’s one and only movie and it’s a damn shame as it’s brilliantly shot with great pace and accuracy. As I mention, it’s the characters which run this film, allowing Barton’s script to poor, rich and dramatic. And what a performance he gets out of the cast. Scortching.  

Finally, the score is a cool funky 70’s groove which is perfect here. Igo Kantor gets the credit. I’m shocked at how cool this film is. Violence in the best possible gritty graphic taste.

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A Vacation in Hell

by on Aug.16, 2010, under Daily Review

Christ, I’ve sat through some bad films this year but this one was hard work. Whose idea was this one?

The plot is ridiculous. Four girls and a bloke decided a luxury holiday on a tropical island is getting a bit drab, all those cocktails and rich food and groovy parties and so, they escape and head off into the jungle soon the get lost. They are then set up on by tribal blokes with spears and it becomes kinda like Hills Have Eyes for day time viewing. A crazy plot as if they just carried on walking down the beach, they would have found some kind of civilisation, even a bloke selling melons, which is what basically happens at the end of the film.

Staring Priscilla Barnes, Barbara Feldon, Andrea Marcovicci and Michael Brandon. Maureen McCormack from the Brady Bunch is the highlight here. Great actress and loads of fun which makes this film barely watchable. A different director and this film would have been a totally different film. Jess Franco could have done wonders with this plot and cast, now there’s a film I’d like to see.

Lets move on and pretend this one never happened.

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