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The Summer of the Massacre

by on Aug.15, 2010, under Daily Review

I’m impressed that this film actually got a DVD release and that the box looks pretty good. Makes the film look like a real movie. When I say that, it’s not sarcasm as the film is obviously a very cheap production created by a small dedicated team out to achieve glory, or at least create some form of film they can be a little bit proud of. Is it any good?

It’s cheap. Did I mention that? And with cheap comes poor production, poor acting, bad direction and a crappy plot. Here we see some real heart shining through though with actors creating a spark of character with a script which was probably adlibbed which I found to be really good. This is probably the highlight for me as the actors are all doing quite a good job. Notably, Jeannette James, Chriss Jarratt, Jack Wilkie and Amy Formon. The plot is a simple one which has all the key characteristic of a classic stalk and slash flick from the 80’s. Kids lost in the woods on a camping trip. Weirdo warns them off. Classic murder of random strangers in the opening scene before the introduction of the key players. Finally, we have a nutter with a mask.

The camera work lets this film down more than anything. It’s really poor. Some overly close up shots and some crazy shaky stuff too. The first rule of making a cheap film is get a good DP and camera man. Keep steady shot to distract from the lack of inexperience, although, avoid long lingering scenes too. The next big issue is the score and foley. The score is bad, crappy keyboard and too much of it. The foley I also too much. The crazy bloke shouts and barks far too much which ruins the over all suspense of the final 20 minutes. Running around the woods could be better if it was a bit quieter and spookier.

This aside, I enjoyed the film. It’s good to see a British slasher and the film industry alive and well, and it’s reassuring to see some enthusiasm for the genre. No doubt with a bit of revenue which this film could make out of DVD sales, I’d expect Bryn Hammond (Director) to step up the game with his next movie.

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