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Friday 13th part 4 : The Final Chapter

by on Aug.08, 2010, under Daily Review

I believe Savini was brought back on board here with the whole concept that this would be the final Jason movie. Savini created the original effect and here, was convinced he could finish what he started. And with a great young cast and a fresh new director, Joseph Zito who Savini worked with prior to, on The Prowler, it’s easy to see why he was convinced. The plot is pretty good with some interesting ideas too which probably read really well prior to the shoot.

This is as good as it gets so far with the 13th movies. It’s well filmed, sleek with some actually real characters with feelings and emotions, not just flat stereotypes. Zito is a great action director but he works well with real characters. This balance is perfect here. A nice simple plot, familiar characters and some amazing gore effects.

The plot is a straightforward one. Jason’s body is taken to the morgue. But as we expect, he’s not dead. The massacre begins again. Folks in the hospital then back to the woods with some youngsters staying in a huge log cabin and a young family next door. Jason takes the next hour picking them off one by one. Great.

The final scene here is probably the most remarkable. Following one of the greatest make up effects of all time, a machete stuck right through the face, through the head, blade cutting right through as the face pushes down against the ground. Facial expressions still moving. Glorious. But the message which the film offers directly after this with yet another kid becoming emotionally damage by the events he’s witnessed and even taken part in. A very nice ending if you ask me.

Actors here are well picked too. Kimberley Beck is powerful and believable, we have an ever stunning Crispin Glover. Ted White plays Jason who is probably my favourite one so far. Corey Feldman stands out though, a brilliant young role but absolutely perfect.

I don’t think the franchise will better this one but who knows. We’ll see tomorrow.

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