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Week 41

by on Aug.07, 2010, under 365 Schedule

This week ends our Summer massacre in fine style with the final films from the Jason series. Jason Lives!

  • Friday 13th: The Final Chapter
  • Friday 13th pt 5 : A New Beginning
  • Friday 13th pt6 : Jason Lives
  • Friday 13th pt7 : The New Blood
  • Friday 13th pt8 : Jason Takes Manhattan
  • Jason Goes to Hell
  • Jason X
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Friday 13th part 3

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Daily Review

You expect these films to get worse as they go, that’s the basic rule with sequels and after the two first contrasting films I was looking forward to see how this one would pan out. It’s not as good, not by a mile, but that’s not to say it’s not worth a look.

So, here we are back at Crystal Lake. Jason’s back ready to massacre some more youngsters. This is a few years later and now the camp fire tales are of Jason haunting the woods ready for the kill. The new summer campers are an un-likeable bunch really which makes this film difficult to watch really. The acting stinks and the script sucks. But, it’s in 3D! So this is the high point. 3D cinema of the early 80’s was a big deal at the time.. maybe. We have some crazy shots of a yoyo going up n down, a kid swinging a baseball bat which is pretty good, Jason shooting some kinda harpoon thing at a girls head; right in the eye. Great effect. Another great moment has Jason squeezing a head making a kids eye pop out; glorious.

What else? Ok, serious now. The film has it’s ups n downs but it’s mainly pretty bad. This is all about what the 13th films are all about though. Jason stomping through the woods, hacking and slashing as he goes. It’s great to see the moment he takes the hockey mask as his own symbol, which is a fine cinematic, legendary event. But the down side is he’s wearing these really clean clothes. A smart pair of chinos and an ironed shirt. Even late on in the film, he’s not even blood stained. This is poor.

The last girl standing (Danna Kimmell) is dumb. She doesn’t really try to get away, just hides behind doors, climbs onto a ceiling beam, crack a pan across Jason head, kicks him in shin. It’s all a bit 3 Stooges. The final scene is just ridiculous too. A flapping duck, a log and another beast from the lake, presumably his mother.

Dick Brooker plays Jason here. For me, he doesn’t look right. He’s a big bloke, but doesn’t have the dominance that Jason should have. He’s a bit lame and although Steve Miner (Director) doesn’t offer much guidance here, Brooker still carries little screen presence. One scene has him looking around a room for a girl, he acts like he’s looking for the TV remote.

Never mind. Lets see what part 4 is like

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