Wrong Turn 3

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Daily Review

This one starts off like a Joe D’Amato movie which is always a good thing in my book. A group of fun seeking friends are rafting down the river through the American countryside. When they stop for a break, they get attacked by a freaky bloke; Arrow straight through the breast of a sunbathing babe, (How this got through censorship, I’ll never know) followed by one through the back of the head, pushing the eyeball out on a stick. Scorching effect. The little freak runs over to eat the eyeball. This is some way to start a film!

The rest of the plot is pretty good too. A prison bus is pushed off the road, causing the criminals and cops to trek through the forest, once again picked off by the inbred. The acting is quite good, (Janet Montgomery from Skins, Tom Frederic, Gil Kolirin and Louise Cliffe) the script is also quite good (Connor James Delaney) and the directing is not bad (Declan O’Brien). This is surprising, as a third film, direct to video, usually does not carry much credence. This for me has been the most enjoyable to watch. It’s not the smoothest of films but the budget is in the right place: gore. There are some real meaty effects with everything from the horror book thrown in for good measure. Peoples legs cut off, head shots, a bloke on fire, and probably the finest moment; the old pole through the mouth, Cannibal Holocaust style.

It’s good that the film gets back to basics too with little involvement of the reasons for the mutations and family life of the second film, which all seemed a bit stupid. Here we mainly focus on the one bad guy who just doesn’t die, no matter what you throw at him, or stick in him for that matter.

Good gory fun.

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