Wrong Turn 2

by on Jul.14, 2010, under Daily Review

Wrong, wrong, wrong. I had a bad feeling about this one and for once, I really should have listened to myself. This film does nothing really to entertain or offer anything back to film making or the horror genre. Obvious, cheep and un-needed.

I’m not sure when this film is set, before the first, after? Who cares really. What we have is a reality game show of survival with tests of endurance. A simple plot of last man standing. But the producers picked the wrong forest, as this one is swarming with backward freaky fiends. Not the ones from the first film (at least I don’t think they are) although they seem to have the same pick up truck. So, as the show goes on, the cast get split up and massacred one by one. Who will survive? Who will be the last man standing?

The cast ain’t bad, young and inexperienced, but they struggle with a lack of direction. You can see them focusing on the script too much, which isn’t of a good standard. Henry Rollins is cool though, (a great exit too), but god knows why he chose this flick. Erica Leerhsen stands out too. Cracking actress, again, why was she draw to this? Texas Battle too is good.

A few nice touches though. BR t-shirt that the shows producer, ‘M’ (Matthew Currie Holmes) wears is cool and relevant and also the red Mustang in the opening scene is a cool reflection from the classic one from the first. The final 20 minutes really picks up too with quite a big scene.

The film is far more harsh than the first with some really good gore effects, but there is little in the way of tension or atmosphere. Bloody shame really as the first film has grown on me. Will the third flick save the franchise.


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  • Jon Walmsley

    I have to disagree with you. I loved WT2, and enjoyed it much more than the first. The gore was spectacular, the story was daft and overall it was just a load of trashy goodness.

    All it was lacking was Eliza Dushku from the first film.

    WT1 was far too serious, and too similar to all the other teen slashers of the time, whereas WT2 doesn’t take itself seriously at all, it just goes all-out for gory OTT nonsense. It was great fun, just how Straight-to-DVD sequels should be.

  • Geoff

    Hehe. I can’t really disagree with you really. Yes, WR1 was more serious and yes, WT2 is more trashy. The gore is bigger and better, but the makeup on the Inbreds is a bit crap. Dushku would have made all the difference, but it thought Leerhsen was pretty good.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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