Satan’s Slave

by on Jul.03, 2010, under Daily Review

Another Carmilla movie, this time, re-imagined by the English Cult Director, Norman J Warren. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this as my only experience of Warren was Inseminoid which I watched in London many years ago at an all night fest. I walked out of the film as it was so bad, only to get chatting with NJWarren in the foyer. I didn’t realise who this guy was and spent 20 mins telling him how bad the film was. Oh dear.

So, Satan’s Slave came as a great surprise to me that it’s actually a bloody amazing film. It’s based loosely on the old Carmilla tale. An ancestor, Christine (Candace Glendenning), of the old witch Carmilla is involved in a car accident, her parents perish, she survives and recovers in her Uncles place near by. During her recovery, she discovers she has visions and feeling inside the house and grounds, the witch beaten. But the Uncle (Michael Gough) and crazy son (Marty Potter) are not really what they seem, with secret summoning and devil worship stuff afoot, Christine could just be in too deep, or is it just a delusion from that bump on her head?

This is a fine looking film, a post hammer style with all the elegance of some of the bigger European and American masterpieces which came out around the mid 70’s. Crisp sharp and atmospheric and really nice to watch. The settings are all cool too, a beautiful Surrey manor house and the cast are all great. Michael Gough (The Evil Uncle York) is fine and shows real ability as his character chops and changes from nice guy to evil Satanist. Glendenning is amazing too. Beautiful with enigmatic presence; they just don’t have actresses like this any more. The gore is good too. A cracking nail file in the eye is the highlight.


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