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Island of Death

by on Jul.27, 2010, under Daily Review

This is a dirty little horrid film. Why have I watched this again? God only knows, but for my sins, here’s the review.

Two cousins, Celia (Jane Ryall) and Christopher (Bob Behling), head off to a beautiful Greek Island to cause some bother. Simple plot. It’s a grizzly old film, with the pair causing all sorts of mayhem and atrocious activities. Every taboo is covered here and yes, I really mean every taboo. It’s not very nice at all really.

But, let me say this. The film has an uneasy feeling about it, which apart from all the nasty stuff, this unease throws the viewer. It has some very nice looking shots, the scenery is beautiful and is captured here well. This balanced against the unholy pair causes such a disturbance, even when they are not up to no-good. We also have a ‘Peeping Tom’ thing going on as the pair take it in turns to seduce man, woman and goat as the other watches taking photos. Murders occur in all forms from force fed paint to blow torch to the face. Shocking stuff. Nico Mastorakis creates something here to shock and disturb rather than build any kind of terror or horror, but you can see a direction that he wanted to take: A Bonnie and Clyde route, but doesn’t quite get there, lost along the way in a spiral of sickness. A good final scene though offering no-remorse from the more dominant member of the killing partnership, which up to that point seemed to take a back seat in the actions.

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