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Sleepaway Camp

by on Jul.21, 2010, under Daily Review

Friday 13th style camp slaughter flick, but slightly different with it’s very own thing going on, and enough of it’s own independence to spawn a whole series, still in production to this day.

Kids at a summer camp get bumped off, along with staff and helpers. Various different methods of death are applied. But who’s the killer and what’s their motive? I’m sure I’ve heard this plot before somewhere, but what I wasn’t expecting was the finale! Shocker! Well worth the viewing for the last scene.

It’s all a bit of a drama really. The pacing is a bit slow too and it’s not exactly exciting to watch. The difference here though is that the average age of the kids at the camp is much younger than your usual outing which in my opinion makes it a bit more dicey. It’s always dodgy ground to be slaughtering 12 year olds. The choice of villain is great here though, very unique which really makes this film stand out. Director Robert Hiltzik only knocked this film out in his career, but has been recruited for a few recent sequels, one which he’s working on right now.

The gore is pretty good, but it feels overlooked by the drama which views like a teen TV movie. The boiling water on the cook is a shocker though with a good effect. Apart from this, the most shocking things are the clothes and the hair cuts. I can’t believe it was fashionable for blokes to wear belly tops!

Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten  and Kathrine Kamhi star.

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