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The Hills Have Eyes 2

by on Jul.20, 2010, under Daily Review

Did Craven Direct this? Did Craven actually write this? I’m struggling with this concept. How can this be made by the same guy who offered us ground breaking horror, on numerous occasions, re-imagining his work over and over, bringing us fresh terror from various sources. This can’t be made by the same guy. Hills Have Eyes, Elm Street, Scream, Last House, Summer of Fear. No way. Somethings wrong.

The film starts with some flash back scenes from the first film. Bobby (Robert Houston), who survived the first outing is with a Psychiatrist, chatting about the past events. The Doc’s advice is to get back out in the Desert, take his super fuel for motor bikes that he’s been working on and test in out in the dunes. Crazy! So he gathers a bunch of friends, then at the last minute, he decides he can’t cope, but they go on ahead. They also take a blind girl and one of the cannibal girls from the first film, who’s now friends with Bobby and Beast the dog.  (It sounds like I’m making this up!) OK, so they break down in the desert, Pluto is back and he’s got a new cannibal mate, The Reaper.

This is a farce. I didn’t pay my ten bucks for this crap, what happened to Craven? I really don’t know what happened. The film is so bad, it’s dire. It’s slow, badly written, crappy actors and a super poor plot. The flash back scenes are dreadful, and did I see a flashback from the dogs mind too? (or maybe I’m making that up.) I am so shocked by this. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, but I really was eager for more from the master of the genre.

So far, on my quest for the 365, Craven has really surprised me. I’d seen a few of his movies, 18 ish years ago, but didn’t realise how amazing he is. I suspect, here we have some contractual nonsense with a production company. It was probably written by some other bloke, paid off by Craven, who might have offered a stupid idea for the plot. Direction was, I’m guessing, performed by an eager young camera man, whilst Craven headed for the early dart. Can anyone point me to any truths around this?

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