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Week 38

by on Jul.17, 2010, under 365 Schedule

It’s amazing how many of these films there are. I’m never going on holiday again!

  • Cheerleader Camp
  • The Hills Have  Eyes
  • The Hills Have Eyes 2
  • Sleepaway Camp
  • Sleepaway Camp 2
  • Sleepaway Camp 3
  • Sleepaway Camp 4
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Spring Break Massacre

by on Jul.17, 2010, under Daily Review

From a first glance, this could be mistaken as another scream queen classic from the 80’s, or a revival style homage, especially as the Queen herself takes a role here, Linnea Quigley, but it’s not really the case. This has a confused feeling about it; on one hand it’s low budget and amateur, but carries a whole tribute of styles in it’s film bag, and on the other hand, it’s pure Troma.

A father leaves his daughter home alone for the spring break with a few house rules, no guys, drink or drugs. Of cause, a twenty something is out to break the rules and as soon as father’s hit the road, a slumber party is arranged. Girls in lingerie spend the next hours running about the house, meanwhile, the guys in their life are planning how to get in.  But, with all good slumber parties, there’s gotta be a massacre, and one by one, the youths are slaughtered.

OK, so this sounds like all the other cheap films you’ve ever seen. Wrong. Although this edges toward the obvious with semi naked girls getting slashed up, the film tries to follow a more thriller approach. Not knowing who the killer is, and good character generation with cops in the station, a back story with a guy escaping from prison, but a nice twist which is unexpected. The film ties up well too with no loose ends. Cinematically, it’s got an interesting style. It chops and changes from colour to black and white, slow-mo and some reverse camerawork which works well, but as I say, it’s a confused movie due to it’s conflict to be taken seriously. Much of the film is shot hand held which gives a good creepy feeling and closeness to the subject. It’s quite a dirty gritty film, but suddenly, we get some really nice glorious shots.

The acting all round is quite good. Erin Meyers, LeAnne VanMaulle, Toni Buena, Renee Darmiento and Reggie Bannister. Of cause, Linnea is always great and here she shines as always in a role a bit more reserved from her usual.

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