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Wrong Turn

by on Jul.13, 2010, under Daily Review

Wrong choice of movie? Well, not quite. You see, it’s just not that straight forward here. I remember seeing this at the cinema when it was first released: Don’t actually remember much to be honest, maybe I was drunk. Taking a second glance this time though offers some fresh incite. Stan Winston produced. Now can that be a bad thing? Or is he just taking a gamble and hyping the marketing?

This is basically Hills Have Eyes/Chainsaw but set in the forest. Other subtle differences is the choice of weapon; primitive, simple but always ready to draw blood. A bunch of camper twenty-somethings break down, or rather, hit a trap in the road in the forest on a wild holiday, getting back to nature. Meanwhile, another bloke crashes his beautiful Mustang into the breakdown. (Strange plot inclusion) So, it’s a trap, they start walking, split up, get lost find an old shack and most of ‘em get slaughtered. We can guess who survives, it’s not difficult, just pick the two most attractive from either sex. (Eliza Dushku & Desmond Harrington) The bad guys here are inbred, mentally and physically deformed crazy forest folk who like nothing better than to track and trap their holiday makers.

The film has a great look about it, acting is good too. Gore is inventive and nicely spread without overdoing it. It’s good fun to watch and isn’t too nasty which works well here. Stan Winston was obviously after a cash cow, riding the wave of the new generation of horror, but aiming a little more commercial, avoiding the gore of Saw, Hostel and the rest of the over nasty remakes. Here we have the average plot, nicely produced for a brand new audience who just want to dabble a little with the genre. Nothing wrong with that, but to try to compare this to the likes of House of 1000 Corpses would be like watching the Little House on the Prairie. (In HO1000C, Rob Zombie takes the same plot, but introduces real characters who are vicious and deranged, Here we have a glazed popcorn version)

Now, what I didn’t like about this, if I want to actually think about this film too long, is why is there a few handicapped, mentally unstable friends living in the woods? Doesn’t make sense really. What drove them to live there? And how did they find out each others fetish for the slaughter of youngsters? Also, their lair isn’t too far off the beaten track, so how come they’ve been getting away with this for years? (Loads of teeth in a jar gives that game away) Also, how come they are so tidy about sorting miscellaneous items taken from victims, into piles, but they don’t bother cleaning up, or changing their clothes? When did they learn to drive too? And…. Why don’t they die? They take all sorts of injuries and still they get back up. Christ, one falls a huge distance from a tree and he’s ok! That brings me to the good guys. The main bloke takes a bullet to the thigh. A bullet. He’s still running on that leg days later. His jeans don’t even get dirty.

Anyway. Two more of these to go this week. I’m actually quite looking forward to them as this was quite fun, easy to watch and it’s always good to watch a good production, even if it is a rehash of what’s come before.

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