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The Descent 2

by on Jul.12, 2010, under Daily Review

Jon Harris, first time director takes the reigns on the sequel here. A dangerous place to be which could have gone either way. Many sequels are trash and especially without the backing of the original team. We have Shauna MacDonald and an unexpected return from Natalie Mendoza which turns this film around and offers some credence.

Sarah survives the first film, picked up on the open road, covered in blood. In hospital, she remember very little, but the police are determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Kitting her out in climbing gear, they send her back into the caves with a new team of climbers and a few cops. They are in search of her missing friends, but don’t expect to find a massacre.

It’s an obvious sequel which starts off dreadful. No character generation, quite poor execution of script and the plot is a bit stupid. Once they are in the caves, the viewer can forgive the ridiculous reasons for getting the new team down there and we can all sit back and enjoy the game of cat n mouse. There are some stunning jumps and scares as the white beasts creep up and rip their prey to shreds. Who gets it, when and where is great and there is no obvious reasoning or predictions which works great here. Harris goes a good job at this style of film making and can be forgive by the poor first 20 minutes and the lack of plot and character as once they are in the tunnels, he turns up the heat and we get some real emotion flowing. MacDonald is great, but the return of Juno (Mendoza) was a master stroke in a scene which resembled Lara Croft with a killer streak.

If you enjoyed the first, expect more of the same, but forgive the beginning. The gore is a higher velocity with some disgusting stuff going on, a great effect being a rat crawling out of the mouth of one of the girls from the first film. Lots of biting and cutting, and blood and other liquids dripping into mouths.

Another small thing to mention; the Chapel Mine, I’m sure was the setting for the final scene of the Friday 13th remake. I could be wrong.

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