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I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

by on Jul.06, 2010, under Daily Review

This film could seriously put a glass eye to sleep. Shockingly slow, uninteresting and lame. The plot rips off the first film slightly, and also tries to steal some elements from the more successful rival franchiese, Scream. A group of friends are winding each other up with tales of the fishy bloke with a hook. When a prank goes wrong, one of them ends up dead at the hand of the real fish man. The film slows to an almost halt for the next hour with bugger all going on. Then the fish guy returns and it’s all cat n mouse, although more like tranquilised cat n mouse as the film lacks and kind of motion and pace.

It’s just a bad film, cheap and offensive to it’s former pair in the series. This should never have been made, never mind badged under the title. I knew it would be bad to be honest, even before the film began. None of the original cast, (replaced with a terribly bad cast of actors with no presence or acting ability), none of the original team (Who struggle to sting a few scenes together). Sylian White is nothing more than an amateur director and probably the only guy the studio could convince to take this gig. This is a poor excuse of the studio squeezing the final drips of blood from the teenagers ripped blood soaked t-shirt. Shocking and embarrassing.

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