The Blood Splattered Bride

by on Jun.21, 2010, under Daily Review

Newly weds head off for a romantic holiday in an ancestral castle in the Spanish countryside. But all becomes unnerving when the hubby acts a bit odd, with devious sexual tendencies of the domination variety, liking to give his new missus a good beating and even attack her with a tight over his head. (What was goin’ on in that scene!?) Next up, the new wife (Maribel Martin) has nightmares involving a beautiful woman (Alexandra Bastedo) from the woods (You can’t blame her after being treated so badly by her hubby). Things become stranger when the woman of the dreams turns up at the house, rescued from a swimming accident, but starts to work her charms over the new bride. The bloodbath starts here.

It could have been much better, but looks and feels really cool. Vicente Aranda directs and creates a very nice looking film, although with more umph, it might just have worked a bit better; He’s no Franco as you’d expect from this film at first glance. There’s very little nudity, strange due to the subject matter. The film is dream like throughout, but has such a dark element to the storyline. The husband (Simon Andreu) is a vicious character who seems to swing from kind and caring to a bloody evil swine. The Vamipiric side of things are done with real compassion and fine detail to the source without any obvious caricatures, which you’d usually expect. The gore is pretty good and somewhat nasty in some scenes. The Final moments are vicious and harsh and earlier on, an absolute unwarranted killing of a fox in a trap is disgusting.

The actors are all very good and for the most part, it’s very easy on the eye both visually and mentally.


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