Lust for a Vampire

by on Jun.26, 2010, under Daily Review

This is probably the weakest of the 3 Hammer Karnstein films, the middle in the series and the strangest variation in Carmilla plot. Here we have Carmilla raised from the dead through a ritual sacrifice of a young girl. Soon the Vampire is swooning the countryside, but unaware of her true self. She joins a finishing school for girls and loves the advances of a young novelist who falls head over heals for her looks and charm creating a conflict off interests within Carmilla; should she seek blood, or run off into the sunset. Odd.

Yutte Stensgaard plays Carmilla and does a great job too. She is charismatic and beautiful with great screen presence. It’s a shame our leading man Michael Johnson, in the role of Dick LeStrange, doesn’t offer the same talent, bland and poor. The script is good, pace is quick and flowing, but the plot is just a bit too flat. Not enough blood sucking, deaths and vampirism. There’s also the Karnstein parents who are a joke really. Pure caricatures of how vampires should be. Pippa Steele takes on a great role once again as one of the early victims, but Yutte is the finest thing about this film.

Highlights have got to be a really odd dream sequence which lifts some of the memorable scenes up to that point in the film, but nicely done. The romantic moment between LeStrange and Carmilla in the cemetery is quite a scene too, but the finale, i’m sure you can all see it coming, that Carmilla will end up being sent back to hell, but the route she takes is one of thunderous creative effects.


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