Die Screaming Marianne

by on Jun.28, 2010, under Daily Review

This is quite a confused film, but has all the signs of greatness growing from it’s seed. Pete Walker’s first attempt at a redirection in his film making style, from the Brit sex comedy to that of horror, although here, in more of a crime giallo style.

There are characters in abundance, which is one of Walker’s strength’s. Natural human character who are solid and real, vicious and nasty at times too.

The basic plot see’s Marianne (Susan George) escaping her wicked father, The Judge (Leo Genn) and evil sister Hildegarde (Judy Huxtable), leaving Portugal for the sights of London, along the way, hooking up with two blokes, Seb & Eli (Chris Sandford & Barry Evans), marrying one. Her secret though, is a family fortune left to her only from her deceived mother.

The plot swings all over the place. Switching from London to Portugal with loads and I might even say, too much plot for the whole. But, this is a real first attempt and Walker certainly escapes his own past, here offering a very credible movie.

Acting is great and believable. The two fools she picks up are great in a cartoon kinds way, whilst her evil father, the Judge is a real nasty bugger. Susan George steals the show though, as expected. She is tough, empowering and beautiful, but so charismatic, electric on the screen. One highlight being the leading lady herself dancing in a funky go-go style over the opening credits.


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