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Gore Gore Girls (Blood Orgy)

by on Jun.30, 2010, under Daily Review

I wasn’t expecting much from this, but it’s far better than you could ever expect. I’m not saying it’s perfect or even good, but better than you might hope.

Herschell Gordon Lewis is renown for being one of the worst directors ever, but made some of the most extreme films of his time. Gore, exploitation, sex and violence is what you get. A whole load of bad camera work too. But behind the cheap look and feel, there is a desire to make a shocking film, something which could stand out from the rest and that’s exactly why this is still available on DVD.

The story focuses on a go-go bar, in which the girls are under threat of a crazed maniac who is slashing them up, one by one. The murders are violent. Eyes stabbed out, faces destroyed, even nipples cut off with scissors. (this scene, although shocking, is actually a very good effect, although actually played for laughs). The local police inspector on the case is at a loss as to who could be committing these crimes, but he’s gonna find out, even if it does mean Frank Kress basing his character heavily on Groucho Marx.

The film is a real mess. I think it’s filmed on 8mm, acting is average but dedicated. The overall look is cheap, but H G L uses what he has to the best of his ability, creating a very claustrophobic atmosphere. The murders are all shockingly horrific, from a single cut throat to the head in a pan of hot chip fat; one girl dies through repeatedly being beaten on the butt with one of those wooden meat hammers.

Although this film has it’s flaws, it’s only real problem is pacing. The murders are clumped together likewise the go-go scenes in the club, but my biggest gripe is the finale in which we get a Scooby Doo conclusion, which is spelled out over ten minutes. The killer is boxed off, we don’t need to know all the reasons as and why, well, not ten minutes worth of explanation.

This is the first H G L film I’ve ever seen and overall, it’s been an experience. I’m surprised at the desire he has, the light humor and the quality of the gore.

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