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The Incubus

by on Jun.14, 2010, under Daily Review

The story is set in a small town in New England. A Doctor, Sam Cordell (John Cassavetes) and his daughter Jenny (Erin Flannery) are new to the area, the kind of town where everyone knows your business. When a woman is brutally raped and left for dead, it shocks the town, but this is the first of a string of similar attacks. Families massacred, girls raped. Then one of Erin’s friends visits; he tells her he has been having visions, he can see the murderer as the attack happens.

This is another fantastic film from John Hough, tackling the social characters of a small town, brutal attacks and a huge supernatural plot. This is perfect Hough. The film works well, looks good and old, very classic actually. The suspense builds throughout the movie as we investigate who or what is the cause of these attacks, but nothing will prepare you for the final scene. I’m amazed that this has never been mentioned to me, it’s pure cult classic horror.

The story is great, I think I’ve already made that clear, but the film is not perfect. The pace drops after the first half hour to what seems like a crawl, but bare with it as it all picks up. The final half hour is great and as I say, the final scene is stunning. Another point is the echo of Hammer which hides in this film, a dream sequence and some historical stuff which involves witchcraft and torture is a sure tip of the hat to his ‘Twins of Evil.’

Cassavetes is great here, holding up the film, and in the majority of the scenes: a tried and tested solid actor who does not let us down, whose character here has depth with a dark past. The other highlight is Kerrie Keane who is mesmerizing. Here in her first movie, she is captivating. The effects are very good too, some are brutal, but when we get an eyeful of the Incubus, late on in the film, the effect is gorgeous.

I wasn’t expecting too much from this one, but got a lot more in return.

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