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Jorg Buttgereit’s movie of a tale of strange love and obsession with the anatomy. It’s a harsh film both in style, approach and substance, but if you give this film a slight chance, you’ll see there is a little bit more depth to this flick than first apparent.

The film’s basic premise surrounds a bloke who works as a kinda, accident  cleanup forensics. When a body is found, the team sweeps in and takes care of business, but his obsession this the human body is one with a crazy limit, as he steals random body parts for his personal collection. His big day comes when he manages to get a whole body home, unnoticed. Meanwhile, his girlfriend has an obsession with death. The new body in the equation leads to obscenity and depravity to the point of preference: her preference for the corpse, over her living boyfriend.

This all sounds a bit crazy, and yes, it is, but it’s not really played for laughs. It’s played for exactly what it is. Some people have different minds than the rest of us normal folk and that’s exactly what we have here. It’s a strange romance, although disgusting and dirty with rotting black flesh. There are some hideous moments here, and I’m not talking about the corpse. What I find most disturbing about this film is animal death. I see no reason for the inclusion of this kind of act in a film and this really ruined the flick for me.

Some moments are glorious in their execution. A scene with Beatrice M in a bath is beautifully filmed, a later scene has real shock value as she licks an eyeball, but I should really warn you about the finale of this film. It’s not a gentle ride, not one bit.

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