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The Italians are great at many things. Good food, Football, Clothes, Cars. But most of all, they are great at reproducing American box office hits. Here we have a fine example of Alien vs Bodysnatchers, from Luigi Cozzi.

The film begins with a ship, heading for the New York harbour, unrecorded and unrecognised. The military intervene, only to discover an empty vassal, no crew, lost or missing, just like the Mary Celeste. What they find is a cargo of weird eggs. A few of the blokes get a bit too close, then the action starts, as the residue causes the human to explode from the belly; and boy do they explode!

This is basically the plot. There is talk of a failed mission to mars and some South American connection but the film is all about exploding bodies. Good gory effects too care of Giovanni Corridori, who not only blows up peoples guts, he have a whole sting of intestines and blood and gore splattered all over the place, often in slow motion in order to allow the viewer closer examination of the tremendous effect. Other highlights include stirling performances from both Ian McCulloch and Louise Marleau who both keep the film watchable and enjoyable between scenes of gore, but the musical score is the winner here. Fantastic tunes, as always from Goblin.

The film is well paced and fun to watch. The opening scenes of the New York sky line still sends shivers down my spine as the glorious domination of the Twin Towers looms over Manhattan, framed well with some fine shots of some of NY other classic buildings. This is not one of my favourite Cozzi films, but it’s pretty good. I think the whole sci-fi thing was a bit to big for the film. Cozzi’s strength is on Italian soil.

This film was victim of the UK’s video nasty witch-hunt back in ’83 which in many ways did this film a lot of favours, allowing a following of gore hungry fiends to seek out this flick, which has since been reclassified, uncut and available to purchase at your local HMV.

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