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The Entity

by on Jun.04, 2010, under Daily Review

I saw this film many years ago, but couldn’t remember much about it, and I’m so glad I’ve included this into the project. It’s quite some movie. (Although i suspect the last time i watched this it was trimmed slightly by james Ferman, c/o BBFC as i don’t remember it being so vicious)

Carla (Barbara Hershey) is a single parent. On one lonesome night, she finds herself with an unwanted visitor. In the first brutal moments, we see Carla raped by an invisible beast, but this is only the beginning. Visits become more frequent, more violent and vicious. A friend advises her to seek help, psychiatric help, who digs deep into her mind and her past to reveal a troubled life. So is this a figment of Carla’s traumatised psyche, or is she really dealing with a supernatural entity?

Director Sidney J Furie might have single handed destroyed the Superman franchise with Quest for Peace, but he was responsible for Iron Eagle, The Young Ones and the Ipcress File, here he works cinema magic. The Entity is a great looking film which has a pretty good pace, but its real strength is in it’s direction. Hershey single handed carries this film, even through a few week moments of the plot towards the last quarter of this two hour movie, she holds the film strong with so many emotions, it really is credit to her stunning acting ability. Ron Silver is also brilliant here as Sneiderman, her unbelieving doctor. I’ve always been a fan of Silver, ever since seeing him in Blue Steel. There is a scene early on in the Entity, Silver and Hershey chatting in her kitchen which is pure cinema magic, and one of my all time favourite film moments. Credit to Furie for pulling such great performances out of these actors, creating such a natural feel and moments of pure emotional terror.

As I said, the film dips slightly, but this can be excused. A few more points: Charles Bernstein score is stunningly good, and lastly let me mention the effects. Stan Winston is a god, and this film has his name written all over it. Only Stan can create a perfect full body replacement of Hershey which looks perfect, and what an effect, which is glorious in it’s execution yet horrific to watch as invisible hands grip and claw at her skin.

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