Wicked Little Things (Zombies)

by on May.08, 2010, under Daily Review

J.S.Cardone has had a slow but interesting career as far as Directing is concerned. His first flick, The Slayer is a notorious Nasty from ’82, the mid 90’s saw The Forsaken which was a pretty interesting vampire outing. His latest sees dead mining children out for revenge which conjures up all sorts of magical thoughts and imagery. Does it hit the spot?

I’d say it was a damn fine film to be brutal here, it’s simple plot with stereo type characters are the films strengths which allows much space to play with beautiful imagery and spooky atmospheric set pieces which build and build with much claustrophobia.

The films plot is basic. A family inherit a big house in the woods. Upon arrival, spooky things happen. Strange sightings of small children, with mining pick axes, creepy looking, with white skin and steely cold black eyes.

Brilliant simple plot which wins with the first line. It looks great and works well. The main actors are all pretty damn good too. Lori Heuring puts in a sold performance as the mother who inherits the property, her two daughters Sarah and Emma played by Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween 2 remake) and Chloe Moretz are both cracking young actors and ones to look out for. Ben Cross plays the evil land owner, he’s bloody good too. But the star performance goes to the whole bunch of creepy dirty mining ghosts. Amazingly haunting in look, presence and atmosphere.

This is a fine little movie. I’ll look forward to Cardone’s future work and will also refresh my mind with some of the back catalogue.


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