The Reincarnation of Isabel

by on May.20, 2010, under Daily Review

30 minutes of the sacrifice of two women as an offering to the Vampire type woman goddess, Isabella, conducted by a bunch of freaky lookin’  

blokes in red leotards. One girl gets a stake through the heart whilst being burned alive, although seems to quite enjoy the whole thing. The other is sliced on the slab in the usual fashion. Quite a slow beginning to the film, but after that, Christ knows what’s going on.

There seems to be women dying and returning from the grave, shifting from the middle ages to the swinging 60’s with the main focus on a castle owned between two brothers, I’m guessing one in favour of sacrifice, the other against.

I don’t know. This is kinda like a Jesus Franco tribute, shot with 3 different scripts and 5 women who all look the same. Renato Polselli is the director here. I’m lost with this one. Defeated? Relieved by the end credits.  Although quite enjoyable in a surreal kinda way.


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