Laid to Rest

by on May.07, 2010, under Daily Review

By the end of this film, I would have gladly stabbed a fork into my eye to stop watching any more of this crap. Even to save me the last few minutes. I really couldn’t take it any more, but I for the sake of the project and as a warning to all you good horror fans out there, keep as far away from this drivel as you can.

The premise all sounds good and this was the reason I was drawn to this film in the first place. A killer in a mask who films his murders. Great. All very Peeping Tom. Where it goes wrong is the plot, the scrip and the acting. If you have crap actors, no matter how great the scrip, it’ll never work. If you have a crap script, the actors could try their best, but if the plot sucks too, then there is no hope. What about the gore? Yes, loads of good, and over the top, crazy so. Real nasty stuff too. Big fleshy stabbings in the head and torso which are all very good, but you can’t really just base the whole film on the gore effects budget.

My main problem here, is the characters keep escaping the bad guy, and then just stop and don’t try to make a run for it. No-one has a phone so the cops can’t be called, but if you have a bloke with a mask and a big knife coming after you, you just get in your car and drive and drive and drive.

A single choice word: Rubbish.


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