by on May.14, 2010, under Daily Review

This film is not as bad is it first looks and with a bit more of a budget, could have been quite good. The plot is simple and obvious. A bloke in a mask murders pole dancers who live in the same neighbourhood. Simple.

It’s well filmed, without any artistic tricks, but it’s solid enough. The actors are all surprisingly good too which is a surprise. Characters actually feeling like real people in a bad situation, but this really wasn’t expected as it, in effect, is a 2003 reincarnation of an 80’s LA exploitation. I’m guessing Robert Tiff has a soft spot for those great Scream Queen flicks, but here offers something with a little more reality and drops the kitsch comedy. What isn’t missing is the nudity, with naked flesh all over the place. When it comes to violence and murders, these are pretty lame with blood splats rather than gore effects. The killer is all a bit Scream too with a spooky mask and a black hoody.

Notable performances from Cheryl Renee, Nina Tapanin and Mia Zottoli are all quite good. I think you could be actually surprised by this one. It’s not perfect, but it’s not too bad


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