Dead Girl

by on May.12, 2010, under Daily Review

Dead Girl is a shocking, brutal film which will certainly leave a bitter taste in the mouth and will probably mentally scar you for life. It’s a nasty little film.

Two school students break into a disused hospital, an old mental institute, only to discover an inmate still chained up to a bed. A young girl, almost dead. One of the lads, JT has romantic ideas, whilst the other, Rickie decides he wants nothing to do with the girl, but before long, she’s infecting their mind as  JT introduces her to some of the other students as a sexual toy, Rickie is sickened by the whole business.

The film takes the view to a vicious place in the mind and depicts things I’d rather not have seen. It’s a crazy situation, as the police and an ambulance would have been called right away, but here for some reason, it’s not an option, even when people are being hurt. The finale is quite impressive but we never really seem to get an idea of who the Dead Girl is or why she was there and also, why she doesn’t die. This is all good, but the abuse is unpleasant to say the least. It’s difficult to relate to either of the main characters out of stupidity and this is where the film fails for me.

Cinematically, it’s pretty damn perfect. The look is great, well filmed, (Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel) good direction and the young cast are also very good. Noah Segan as the evil JT and Shiloh Fernandez as Rickie. I can see that this film has been made alongside the likes of Saw and Hostel and needs to shock in order to survive in the current climate of gorenography, but it just takes an idea too far with very little reward.


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  • Helen

    Interesting premise – more a tale of morality (or lack of when there are no consequences!) which i think would have been equally as effective without the graphic scenes. I was also left wondering how & why she had been left there, i think that would have given the film more depth.

    Geoff on a seperate note – it seems many of your reviewed films i want to see aren’t available for rental – do you think this is likely to change in the future?
    Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend 🙂

  • Geoff

    Thanks again for the comments. I’ve had to search far and wide to find many of these films, which are released in other countries. If you look hard enough, I’m sure you’ll find them. I’m not hopeful of UK releases, mainly due to lack of demand, but possibly released via on demand download could be an idea.

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