Dark of the Sun

by on May.13, 2010, under Daily Review

Brutes! Savages! Heroes! …Paid to fight in the fury of the Congo!

This isn’t really a horror film, but it’s inclusion is focused on the use of a chainsaw as a weapon, there’s also several other bloody murder scenes too, so who’s arguing with me?

Directed by the late, great Oscar winner, Jack Cardiff, who’s renown as probably the greatest cinematographer of all time, whose artistic talent has graced such great films as The Vikings, Death on the Nile and the Awakening. Her, he Directs and it’s stunning to watch.

The plot is centred around a group of mercenary soldiers in the Congo, out for all they can get and more. Battling tribes and rival rogue armies. It’s a vicious film with some brutal beatings, but this works perfectly for it’s time and place and subject matter. It’s a brutal war film, what can you expect? The cast include tough guy Rod Taylor and the beautiful Yvette Mimieux. It’s action packed with violence, rape and murder with a twisting plot, based on the Wilbur Smith novel.

The reason, as mentioned earlier, for watching this film was the chainsaw scene. It’s a classic moment and one which is totally unexpected in a film of this age. (Is this the first moment on film that a chainsaw has been used as a weapon? 1968) In fact, the whole film is a huge surprise, and I’m shocked that this has little in the way of recognition. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


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