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Voodoo Lagoon

by on May.23, 2010, under Daily Review

There just isn’t enough films about voodoo. One of my first scripts was for a film called Voodoo Cult, a tale of urban voodoo ritual and cannibalism. Would’ve been a great flick. So, after recently watching The Reeds, I noticed that Nick Cohen’s earlier film was Voodoo Lagoon, therefore, it made the list. So how was it?

I’m gonna try to be kind now as doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s disjointed and confused and doesn’t flow or work very well, and this is the fatal flaw really. The plot is poor, the direction average, as most of the scenes work, just not really together. For this type of film, it’s difficult to get wrong really. A bunch of young beautiful college friends head off to a beautiful tropical island for a lazy few weeks soaking up the sun, spending evenings drinking cocktails and then, stumbling upon a deadly cult of voodoo worshiping loons. How can it go so wrong? For most of the film, the friends are split up, chased about the island and no-one seems to trust anyone either. There’s no bikinis, no fun, no cocktails and looks nothing like The Beach. These are the things you need in a film called Voodoo Lagoon.

The main plot focus’s on peoples rational fear and this could have been explored a bit better, rather than use it as a kinda reason to perform these voodoo acts on unsuspecting holiday makers. It’s a shame, as Cohen knows how to use a camera as we have seen with The Reeds, but this could have been much more. Still, I’ll look forward to Cohen’s next, and not let this one taint.

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