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Castle of Creeping Flesh

by on May.16, 2010, under Daily Review

Strange film this. Jess Franco inspired with a mix of gothic horror, sex and violence surrounding taboo subjects, especially from this time, 1968. Directed by Adrian Hoven, who also produces, writes and acts in this flick.

A group of socialites get lost in the woods after a party in  a lodge. Elena runs off after talks of a bear ripping people apart, but is found by Graf Saxon, a local land owner, living in the Castle. He friends soon arrive at take hospitality, only to find Saxon is a bit weird with tales of his ancestors, which reflect his own gruesome situation a raped dead daughter. His ancestor slayed virgins in order to perform a blood transfusion, and so, it looks as though he’s heading down the same crazy route. He’s basically a madman after young girls for blood, all very Eyes without a Face actually.

The cast are great. Howard Vernon as Saxon is spooky, (Is it just me, or does Vernon look the image of Trigger?) whilst Janine Reynaud (A Franco Regular) is beautiful as the sister of Elena (Elvira Berndorff).

Where this film fails is its script which is bloody terrible. A conversation across a dinner table almost put me to sleep rather than the desired effect of terror. There is also a strange sequence which slips into the past in this film as apart of Vera’s dream which depicts a shocking rape of the daughter of the old ancestor of the castle, a scene which is relentless and twisted in its focus. The surgery scenes drag on and are also not very pleasant, but the highlight is the bear, a bloke in a big fury suit. This and of cause, the delightful Reynaud as Vera who keeps the film alive.

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