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The Lovely Bones

by on May.09, 2010, under Daily Review

I was in two minds to include this film as part of the project or not and it’s made me question myself, what is Horror? It’s a vast genre which encompasses all sorts of sub genres. My eventual reasoning behind my inclusion pin points on the fact that The Lovely Bones has the most brutal murder I have ever witnessed in a film, without showing a single frame of murderous violence. It’s this which sways it for me. The film stayed with me after viewing, thick in my mind. Brutal. And of cause, it’s Pete Jackson, who although took a few years out with his Tolkien hobby, firmly still has his roots in the dark horror genre.

The story follows young Susie Salmon as she enjoys life as much as the next teenager. A 70’s girl loving music and poetry and hanging out at the mall. She has a sister she hates and a young brother and cool loving parents. This all is lost and stolen away from here when she is murdered by a serial killer, a family friend and neighbour. From this point on, she is lost in a world between heaven and the real world, left to explore but also affect the events in an indirect way and eventually aim to seek revenge on her murderer. But the film has more going on. Yes, she’s a ghost and she wants revenge, but she also loves a boy and longs for that first kiss which she’ll never ever have. She misses her family, even her sister. But then we are taken to a situation of grief and melancholy and a place of moving on and acceptance as we follow her father and mother and of cause, her sister. The film is far more about life and achievement and those little things that we can miss out on if we don’t take a chance. It also pushes the point of not being afraid and even though a bad decision might be your last, don’t et it get to you as if we don’t make these choices, we’ll never know what it’s really like to live.

It’s a beautiful film. I cannot fault a single moment. The acting is exceptional. Saoirse Ronan is an amazing actress, who just glows on the screen. Pure presence. Stanley Tucci is brutal and realistic in his role as the murderer. A real nasty role, performed here flawless. Mark Wahlberg and Rachel Weisz are always great to watch, but here in the hands of the master that is Mr Jackson, they are outstanding. Susan Sarandon is the master stroke here, great casting and of cause, Rose McIver is strong as Suzie’s sister.

It’s a real pleasure to watch this film and this is really what cinema is all about. To explore the possibilities of situations, good and bad and to push all emotions and create something magical from a horrendous situation. I knew before I saw this film I would enjoy it, but afterwards, it’s become a part of my very soul.

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