The Final

by on Apr.08, 2010, under Daily Review

Director Joey Stewart has hit the nail on the head with this one. A fine piece of nastiness with a brilliant look and feel. It’s simple and genius in its structure with the basic idea of teen outcast revenge. The films strength is in the perfect casting of top quality unknown young actors, nurtured with great direction and a good honest script. Top marks.

After years of school bullying and abuse, the local outcast nerds decide to take revenge on the ‘in’ crowd; The jocks and cheerleaders, the beautiful popular kids who laugh at the underprivileged and different kids of the school. Enough is enough. Dane (Marc Donato) teams up his underdogs and plots a super fancy dress party for the cool kids. Little do they know they’ll be drugged and tortured until they wish they’d been murdered.

Lindsay Seidal plays Emily, one of the odd kids who shows so much potential here. A stunning, yet unnerving scene has her poking needles in the neck of a jock, graced with a plane white mask for the performance. Whilst Julin is on the other side of the team as Heather, super bitch who takes an acid facial. Julin has terrific screen presence. But the star of the film has to be Jasca Washington as Kurtis, the cool kid who mixes in both and all camps in the school. He’s a strong and confident actor who is gonna be around for a very long time. Stunning.

Stewart has created something quite special here. It’s a nice simple film which pushes its cast to the limits of their ability. Some scenes are harsh, but super original. The use of a cow bolt gun to take out a knee cap is great, whilst one of the underdogs plucks on a banjo has connotations of Deliverance. A torturous spin on ‘Heathers’.

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