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The IMDB list this film as a comedy. Christ, they got that wrong. This film delves deep into the mind of the viewer though a situation which could happen to any of us and questions actions against reactions and the pickle that live can get us into. Here, that pickle is one huge mess of a nightmare on all sides and it’s dealt with by perfect craftsmen and incredible ability in front of and behind the camera.

Thomas Bardo(Stephen Rea) is down on his luck, fate has turned its head resulting in a business man homeless and sleeping in the park. Brandi Boski (Mena Suvari) is a care home nurse, great at her job and in line for promotion. After a night celebrating, her world is about to crumble. Bardo takes his chance on a red light, walking across what looked like a clear road. Boski is busy texting whilst driving. The incident occurs. Bardo crashes straight through he windscreen, blood poring all over the car. Boski panics and has to decide how to clear this mess and keep her life on track.

The film roles like a stage production. It’s feel and style could be contained in a single space as most of the drama happens at Boski’s house as Bardo is left to die in the garage, tied and wrapped in plastic. The script (John Strysik) is accurate and realistic which allows the actors to grow characters which are believable, even in a situation which you might feel, would normally act in a different manner. Until you are in this situation, how do you know how you would react?  Stephen Rea is outstanding here, probably his most powerful performance since ‘The Crying Game’. Mena Suvari (American Beauty) is exceptional, and in my opinion, one of the greatest living actresses of our time; here she does not disappoint in a role which she certainly gets her teeth into.

Credit to Stuart Gordon for creating such a fine dramatic, claustrophobic movie. The casting is perfect for the script and the pace and feel of the film all make for enjoyable, yet disturbing, brutal viewing.

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