Lake Mungo

by on Apr.07, 2010, under Daily Review

This is a strange little documentary along the lines of Blair Witch, following the family whose daughter drowns in a near by lake. Through interviews and archive footage, neighbours and work colleagues speak of their experiences with the family, whilst family members recount the days prior to the death and the strange events and occurrences afterwards.

It’s well filmed and the collective footage is excellent. Answer machine recordings and video camera, mobile phone shots etc all knitted together quite well with the documentary style interviews of the relatives of the deceased. This works well with the pacing and plot which is quite creepy. Although the acting is good, at no point is it believable. Its Spinal Tap meets Most Haunted with a dash of Laura Palmer. (Although that actually makes this sound quite good) The parents are chatting away far too easily about the loss of their daughter showing no real signs of grief.

I actually found myself clock watching with a ‘who cares’ thought in my mind during most for the 90 minutes. The few twists it tries to conjure up, grabbed my attention momentarily with hope that ‘this is the turning point, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for,’ but it wasn’t to be.  

This film has been compared to Blair Witch and has been marketed so, but it has none of the charm and character. It’s just a waste of time really and it’s a shame as with a little work, and a bit more gusto, some slightly better acting it could have been quite a fine piece.


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