by on Apr.16, 2010, under Daily Review

Poor direction leaves poor actors to fend for themselves and that is exactly this films problem. ‘They’ve got the script, now act’ is the mentality and although there are some glimmers of hope, the standard is pretty low. Shame as Director David DeFalco obviously thought he was onto a winner with this remake of Wes Craven’s torturefest, Last House and could have gained the success of the other Last House remake.

Our four villains carry no conviction with little belief from the viewer that these fiends could actually slice up a piece of steak without bringing a tear to the eye, the victims react poorly with little resistance. This film is advertised as the most brutal movie ever made. Rape and torture scenes are always uncomfortable viewing and the reasoning behind shooting this film is shock value. The film contains some nasty scenes which are unsupported by any kind of backing. There is nothing else going in this film. Harsh realistic beatings and slicing supported by lame (and racist) dialoge, poor acting and unrealistic characters, especially with the missing girls parents, cops etc.  

Actually found myself yawning for most of this film. There is no room in my collection for this crap.


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