A Nightmare on Elm Street V : The Dream Child

by on Apr.29, 2010, under Daily Review

After defeating The Dream Master in the last outing as the survivor of the new Dream Warriors team, Alice (Lisa Wilcox) returns only to find that Fred Krueger is still niggling at her dreams. She investigates his past, uncovering the horrific truth of his mother, a nun raped by a thousand lunatics. It’s not long before Fred gains enough power through a tremendous nightmare in which Alice witness’s the rebirth of the beast. But that’s not the only birth about to take place as Alice discovers she too is pregnant.

Freddy’s back as his incarnation grows more and more into Ronald McDonald with his cheeky smile and clever one liners, the rubber face has never looked so clean as he dresses in a host of costumes for added comic effect. Skate boarding even! It seems the further we get from the original, the more lost we are with what Fred Krueger was about. He was a child killer! Now we see his force feeding 20 something’s until their face explodes. ‘Bon appetite Bitch!’

The film has probably the worst cast in the whole series. Terrible acting. Lisa Wilcox has got some ability, but she’s struggling with the lead role here getting very little in support from Director Stephen Hopkins (A Director i’ve always liked. Judgement Night is a great film) and even less so from her peers, Joe Seely and Kelly Jo Minter are both very two dimensional.

The biggest issue here though is Krueger is just not scary. There is actually no Nightmare in this film and hasn’t really been one since the first offering. Have the script writers even forgotten the title of this franchise? Instead, focusing on ‘Dreams’ which become all a bit odd and weird working on individuals own thoughts and ideas. Nightmares should in essence dig into what terrifies people.  There is nothing terrifying here. The whole ‘evil baby’ business is a farce too. We just don’t need this kind of back story. Fred is an evil child killer, why invent this ridiculous urban legend style back story with the mother being a nun and the lunatic stuff going on. Stupid.

Finally. The music and score in this film is bar far the worst so far. Any why have Vincent Price’s laugh from Jackson’s Thriller over the end credits?



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  • 3amfright

    This is why most franchises have died. It’s like they couldn’t figure out what to do in the 80s (hmm seems to be happening now too) & just kept tossing shitty movies out cause they sold seats. I hate when characters are butchered. Sometimes less info is more & people who follow typical horror movie cliches just destroy what could be unique stories if only they had not fallen lazy.

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